June 01, 2004

BlackBerries: Breaking Up is (Too) Easy To Do

Now here's a very scary thought: Take your corporate BlackBerry or cell phone text messaging and use it for dating, flirting, e-mailing a late night rendezvous, or even breaking up with someone remotely (cowards!). As pop tech meets pop culture, people are doing just that. Techdirt has a riveting post re: how young Washington DC workers are finding that BlackBerries enable Just-In-Time dating.

You know you have a major problem when you have to take your BlackBerry in the shower with you:

"One woman dating a man who works on Capitol Hill said he has taken his BlackBerry into the bathroom with him when showering, to keep her from snooping. 'I admit I would have snooped, because he's a total player in Washington, and I would have wanted to see who else he was dating,' said the woman, a 31-year-old television producer who asked to remain anonymous.

Many users caution against taking the BlackBerry out for a night on the town. Drunken Berrying like drunken dialing can be dangerous, or at least regrettable.

'The BlackBerry is so mobile, you can just pull it out and start saying idiotic things right away,' said Danielle Baussan, a 28-year-old lawyer in Washington. 'In contrast, in the time it takes for you to get home to your computer you might have sobered up.'

'It's actually worse than drunk-dialing,' she said, 'because at least they know you are drunk. But if you drunk-Berry, they're not so sure.'"

Not to mention that e-mail lives forever. Yikes.

(Double-Yikes: It doesn't just have a name, but a verb, "Drunk-Berrying".)

This is like a 1L final exam -- see if you can spot the numerous issues.

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Posted by Jeff Beard