May 25, 2004

Taking Note of OneNote

Mark Voorhees of AmLaw Tech has a nice piece on Microsoft's OneNote. Among its virtues, he writes, "OneNote has almost all the advantage of taking notes on paper without many of the limitations of paper. It's much easier to share, organize, and reuse electronic notes than handwritten ones. OneNote also has none of the disadvantages of taking notes on software designed for other purposes. You can type anywhere on the page, without following the top-down, left-to-right regimen of Word. You can add a new note without creating a new file. And you don't need to save your notes; the program does that for you automatically."

On a side note (pun intended), Mark prominently mentions fellow legal tech bloggers Dennis Kennedy and Ron Friedman, who've posted their kudos for OneNote.

Lindsay Thompson at Thompson Gipe provides yet another positive vote for OneNote.

Topic(s):   Legal Technology
Posted by Jeff Beard