September 08, 2003

This Blog is PDA-Friendly

While I'm on the topic of PDA's, I thought I'd mention this site was designed and laid out specifically with PDA's in mind. If you have a PDA with a web browser and an internet connection, you should be able to read LawTech Guru on the go.

I tested this site with the Handspring Blazer and AvantGo browsers on my trusty Handspring Visor, and it displays remarkably well on the small screen. The blog title and description appear first, with the Search and RSS feed links next for easy access. Right below that is the body of the blog posts for quick reading very near the top, and all of the sidebar links appear at the end.

I'm keeping my eye out for a true RSS news feed reader for the Palm OS. So far the closest one I've found is BlogPuck, which requires a Java 1.4.1-capable computer to first convert the RSS feeds into the open source Plucker document/web reader format for the Palm.

In essence, it's like AvantGo for RSS feeds -- you can read them in offline mode on your Palm. I'd like to see a true RSS reader for real-time reading on any Palm with a live Internet connection (via modem, Wi-Fi, cell carrier, etc.).

Then my blog will truly be portable.

Topic(s):   Mobile Tech & Gadgets
Posted by Jeff Beard