September 07, 2003

Welcome to LawTech Guru!

Welcome to my humble blog. Hopefully, you're interested in learning how you can improve your professional and personal endeavors by using technology, trying new approaches, or perhaps you simply enjoy hearing about cool new things.

As I haven't added an "About" page yet, here's a brief introduction: I'm an attorney-turned-consultant with a uniquely blended background in law, business management, and computer technology. I've previously consulted with over 100 law firms, and have been in-house with Quarles & Brady LLP, in Milwaukee, WI for the past five years. Quarles has 400+ attorneys, and is among the 60 largest law firms in the United States.

I'm a frequent author and national presenter, and recently served on the ABA TECHSHOW executive planning board. Lastly, all opinions and information stated here are of my own personal endeavor, and not that of my employer.

It's ironic how one can make the largest difference by doing a simple thing: communicate. I am often amazed by the improvement gained just by showing someone how to use something they already have, or pointing out something new that's actually useful (what a concept!). All of which are reasons why I created the LawTech Guru Blog. That, and an insatiable desire to write and share ideas.

Of course, learning and playing with new tech toys is irresistable too. Enjoy!

Jeff Beard

P.S. Last but not least, many thank-you's go to Jerry Lawson, Dennis Kennedy, and Larry Bodine for their generous comments and feedback for this blog. Likewise, Chris Duecker and Jack Holmes at Quarles & Brady LLP were phenomenal in their web coding ideas and suggestions.

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Posted by Jeff Beard