October 27, 2009

10 Tips for Safe Social Networking for Attorneys & Experts

LinkedIn. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs.  Bob Ambrogi, always on the forefront of web technologies and their impact, recently published two helpful "Top 10" articles - one each for attorneys and experts, with some great tips for those navigating online communities for networking and socializing.

One such tip is to separate professional and personal contacts into different networks.  However, don't fall prey to the myth of anonymity or that restricted social networks will necessarily protect you.  It isn't always clear which content is restricted to just your approved network contacts.  Others have been known to seek invitations or sign up for accounts solely for getting at the "good stuff".  As always, be ever mindful of what you post online.

Not surprisingly, the best and number one tip is to use good old fashioned common sense.  However, given some of the gaffes Bob used as examples, it's easy to agree with his observation that it "sometimes seems to be in short supply these days".

Definitely good fodder for any law school ethics curriculum, since these are among the modern day challenges lawyers face while building both their practices and professional reputation online.

Topic(s):   Blogging Tips  |  Privacy & Security
Posted by Jeff Beard