December 03, 2008

PC Magazine Going Digital-Only

For you computer enthusiasts, after 26+ years, PC Magazine is discontinuing the print version of the magazine, primarily for financial reasons. The Jan. 2009 issue will be the last print edition, and there will be a digital version instead going forward starting with the Feb. 2009 issue.

While this is certainly a "green" way to go and other publications have already blazed this trail, I'll miss the print version. Why? There's at least one situation where hardcopy is still king -- when you're strapped in while "all electronic devices need to be turned off at this time." Until the rules are changed regarding low-power handheld devices such as the Amazon Kindle, or even your laptop, you can't read eBooks for at least 20-30 minutes at either end of your flight.

Note to Publishers: If you're going to "Go Digital", don't think in paper terms. It's important to offer a downloadable version so we can read it offline when Wi-Fi isn't available, as well as offering versions that don't require an installable reader app, so we can read it on a wider range of portable devices on the go (think iPhone, iTouch, BlackBerry, etc.).

Topic(s):   Mobile Tech & Gadgets
Posted by Jeff Beard