April 14, 2006

300+ Freeware Utilities

Here's a treat: Ask the eConsultant has a list of 300+ freeware programs and utilities. If you're looking for an app that manipulates a common digital format or other PC-related tasks, odds are you'll find one here.

Big Caveat: Be careful with the definition of "freeware". Some programs may only be evals, or may only be licensed as free for personal (as opposed to commercial) use. So just because they're included in the list doesn't necessarily mean they're free. Also, sometimes programs are free because they contain other code (adware, spyware, etc.), so you might get more than you bargained for.

However, with that said, I see many useful apps listed, a number of which I've used at some point. They're also nicely categorized for quick skimming. Nice job, eConsultant.

[Original link courtesy of Lifehacker.]

Topic(s):   Trick or Treat
Posted by Jeff Beard