October 28, 2005

One Minute Tech Tips & Gmail Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, here are two very cool Trick or Treats:

I love software tips and tricks. Sometimes the simplest tip helps a great deal. For those of us who can't spare much time to go out and find them, the One Minute Tip podcast is worth a listen. Each audio tip is about a minute or so in length, described simply and clearly. Thus far, OMT has served up iPod, Mac, Photoshop, Google, Gmail, Flickr and other tips. Photoshop Wednesdays are a recurring feature complete with a video clip. OMT includes a 30-60 second audio ad at the beginning of each tip, a trivial price to pay for free advice (and you can always fast forward when you're really in a hurry).

If Google's Gmail is your thing, then definitely check out Gmail Tips -- The Complete Collection by Jim Barr. Jim explains labeling, archiving, pseudo address groups, the new rich text editor, and a lot more. While I still have some privacy concerns about using Gmail, if you're going to use it, use it well.

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Posted by Jeff Beard