August 31, 2005

Hummer Laptop?

CNET has this photo of the forthcoming GM-licensed Hummer laptop, to be priced at $2,988 and packing enough padding "to survive six separate drops from a height of 30 inches onto two 3/4-inch sheets of plywood placed on top of concrete." Darn, that happened to me just yesterday -- third time this year! ;^)

Marketing hype reality check: It sounds like a carefully crafted test to me. Keep in mind that wood is softer than concrete (even hardwood will dent). Also, if the concrete blocks were spaced apart, the resulting wood scaffolding setup would likely have some shock absorption or rebounding characteristics of its own.

It also didn't say, but if the 30 inches were measured from floor level, then the distance from the laptop to the top of the plywood is substantially less. Come on, if it's Hummer tough, why not just drop it directly onto the concrete? I'm sure there's a few cable reality TV shows or overworked IT support staff who would love to put it to the test.

Still, this CNET article boasts some very nice wireless capabilities:

"The laptops also come with four wireless radios, including an integrated GPS antenna that helps Microsoft Streets and Trips map software locate your position and help you to your destination, Gerber said. The Hummer laptop has the added features of an 80GB shock-mounted removable hard-disk drive (a security benefit for multiple computer users) and a swappable radio module that allows users to switch between North American and European GPRS/EDGE wireless plans."
While I prefer the styling Úlan of the Ferrari laptop as vehicle-inspired PC's go, that's impressive.

Just to up the ante, I'm now waiting for the stealth fighter laptop -- perfect for breezing through busy airports!

Topic(s):   Mobile Tech & Gadgets
Posted by Jeff Beard