March 17, 2005

BlackBerry Settles NTP Patent Infringement Case

BlackBerry users can breathe a bit easier. Research in Motion (RIM) and NTP "signed a binding term sheet that resolves all current litigation between them." Research in Motion's press release contains more details, as does a ZDNet report. The ZDNet article states that the settlement avoided royalties.

RIM's press release states, "As part of the resolution, NTP will grant RIM and its customers an unfettered right to continue its BlackBerry-related wireless business without further interference from NTP or its patents. NTP and RIM will be finalizing the terms of this resolution in a definitive licensing and settlement agreement in upcoming weeks."

Just makes you want to send a celebratory e-mail, doesn't it? (Darn, just as I was about launch a new side business for recovering CrackBerry addicts. I had the patches and stepdown thumb exercises all set. ;^)

Topic(s):   Mobile Tech & Gadgets
Posted by Jeff Beard