June 03, 2004

Better Hurry If You Want a Sony Clie...

Sony just announced that "it will stop selling new handheld digital assistants outside of Japan this year, exiting a declining market and striking a blow to PalmSource Inc., whose software powers the devices."

Interestingly, the NY Times/Reuters article reveals Sony's true purpose for jumping into the handheld market was to sell more of their multimedia content: "The Japanese electronics and entertainment conglomerate said the Clie failed to realize its intended goal of becoming a mobile device that links content and hardware. 'We consider mobile devices a key aspect of our strategy to converge contents like music, movies and games with hardware and since the Clie functions as a personal organizer, we wanted to refocus our efforts,' a Sony spokeswoman said."

It's truly a shame for non-Japanese markets, as Sony released some of the coolest Palms ever, especially the ones with the twist display, MP3 players, etc.

But there's still a little time left if you're dying for a new Clie: "Sony plans to stop development and sales of a new Clie after autumn in all regions, except for Japan."

Afterward, "Sony aims to fill the Clie void with new advanced handsets from Sony Ericsson, its cell phone venture with Sweden's Ericsson, and a new handheld game machine, the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PSP promises to play games, movies and music and will hit stores later this year in Japan. It goes on sale in the United States and Europe by the end of March 2005."

Topic(s):   Mobile Tech & Gadgets
Posted by Jeff Beard