March 23, 2004

Is Your Network A Legal Minefield?

Art Jahnke at has this to say about peer-to-peer file sharing performed over company networks:

"A survey released two weeks ago by security provider Blue Coat Systems found that many employees continue to download files at work, using applications like Gnutella and Kazaa. According to Blue Coat, 38.6 percent of 300 respondents said they do their file sharing on company networks. The survey also revealed that 60 percent of respondents were unconcerned about the possibility that the Recording Industry Association of America could sue their employers.

Is that scary? Whose responsibility is it to keep a companyís networks from becoming a legal minefield? Isnít that your job? What is your company doing to keep its networks clean? Nothing?"

There are several useful comments posted by readers at the end of the online article, which discuss the importance of having a well-drafted policy and utilizing the right tools to establish the audit trail back to the culprits, thus making the policy enforceable.

Topic(s):   Law Practice Management  |  Privacy & Security
Posted by Jeff Beard