September 22, 2003

New Palm-Based Devices Rock!

You've probably heard about the upcoming Handspring Treo 600, which is due in mid-October. If you're hungry for more details, Walt Mossberg just reviewed it in his WSJ Personal Tech column. As Walt is generally a tough cookie to please, this bodes well for the Treo 600. Also, Handspring has been building excitement by leaking advance information about its design, features, etc. Like prior Treos, it works with third party providers such as Good Technology's GoodLink, which enables enterprise integration.

And if this isn't enough of a Palm toy for you, how about a real Palm-based entertainment system? Leave the GameBoys for the kids, as the new Zodiac from TapWave (created by former Palm executives) is the one for adults. Besides choosing between 32 MB and a whopping 128MB, it's a Palm organizer, a music center, and a high-end portable game system with a high-resolution (480 x 320) color display and 3D graphics engine. Perfect for those long flights and layovers.

Lastly, USA Today has a nice article summarizing the new portable gaming systems, some of which are geared toward both the young and young-at-heart.

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Posted by Jeff Beard

I had my hands on a Zodiac at DemoMobile. It was sensational. It had SD slots, so that theoretically if you had say a 256 meg card, and if you had full motion video running with say 4 megs per minute, per the TapWave guys, you could 60 minutes of full motion video.

It was the first truly adult game machine that I have seen with the added bonus being the full compliment of Palm Based PDA tools. Way cool!

Posted by: Buzz Bruggeman at September 23, 2003 09:33 PM