October 05, 2004

Managing Expectations

Perhaps the most challenging part of any CIO or IT Director's job is managing expectations. To get the IT budget dollars, you need to justify them with a good business case -- in other words, you need to sell it. But it's all too easy for business executives to get an inflated expectation of what the technology can reasonably deliver. After all, technology is the CIO or IT Director's bag, not management's.

That's why I really enjoyed reading CIO.com's "THE NO. 1 CHALLENGE: Managing Expectations". It lists the following five ways to help bridge the expectations gap:

  1. Get Your House in Order
  2. Shut Up and Listen
  3. Educate Them
  4. Get on the Agenda
  5. Communicate Early and Often
Topic(s):   Law Practice Management
Posted by Jeff Beard