October 04, 2004

This Way to the Future

BusinessWeek Online has a slew of articles about the Innovation Economy, and where we may likely to see the next round of advances in technology. A great read to get a flavor of what could be. Having read and even participated in my share of predictions articles, I'll err on the side of evolutionary, as opposed to revolutionary, advances over the next few years.

I fully expect that the more we learn, the faster we will learn, and thus the discoveries will progress geometrically as opposed to linearly. While the overall discoveries seem to be coming even more rapidly as technology aids our abilities, it will be the practical application of those discoveries which will make the difference. I'm still reminded of the history of the Post-It Note: The adhesive which stuck to nearly everything (but just not too well) was around for a number of years before another thought of using it on paper to make a bookmark. Those discoveries resulting in innovations that make a difference to us in a cost-effective manner ought to do well.

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Posted by Jeff Beard