June 11, 2004

Google Reconsiders RSS Support

CNet reports that Google is once again looking at supporting the RSS standard for their Blogger line. As you probably know, after Google acquired Blogger, it dropped RSS 1.0 and 2.0 support for its feeds in complete favor of Atom. This sparked off a huge debate regarding the two formats, and how Google's dominance would affect the "balance of power".

As CNet reports, "According to an internal Google e-mail seen by CNET News.com, the company has been considering the change and last month assigned at least one staffer to write a memo summarizing technical details relating to RSS. The request came amid a broader discussion touching on extending RSS support for new Blogger subscribers and Google Groups, which supports Atom but not RSS in a test version of the service."

Like many others, I'd like to see Google remain neutral and support both RSS and Atom for several good reasons. First, it would give Blogger customers and their readership the freedeom to choose what they want to use. In turn, this laissez faire approach will let the market develop more naturally according to the needs, rather than having a few big players artificially skewing it.

Topic(s):   Blogging Tips
Posted by Jeff Beard