February 25, 2004

Just What Did We Learn from the "New Economy"?

Fast Company's March 2004 issue features an interesting look back on the dot.com New Economy, and the lessons learned for moving forward.

For instance, this was perhaps the hardest lesson for most new online businesses to learn:

"Boom-Time Buzz: Move first--or die.
Cold Reality: Move first without a real business--and die."
I liked this quote most of all: "There have always been advantages to being the first in a market, New Economy or no New Economy. The key is knowing there's a true need for a product, and being able to respond when a competitor jumps in after you. 'If you do it first and you do it right, you can win pretty big,' says Kevin O'Connor, the cofounder of DoubleClick. 'But it's much better to do it right than first.' "

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Posted by Jeff Beard