February 02, 2004

E-Gads -- New Pentiums add E-GHz

Today, Intel is bringing out five new Pentium chips with a sixth due out later this quarter, according to ZDNet:

"The new crop of Pentium 4s, which will spawn a number of new desktop PC models, will include three chips based on a fresh processor design, code-named Prescott. Intel will add two new speed versions of its current Pentium 4, dubbed Northwood. A sixth Prescott Pentium 4, running at 3.4GHz will be announced Monday, but it won't be available until later in the quarter.

The first Prescott chips will come out at speeds of 2.8GHz, 3GHz and 3.2GHz, Intel said. The chipmaker will distinguish Prescott chips from Northwoods by marking them with an "E." The chips--with the exception of the 3.4EGHz--will be available in systems on Monday. The 3.4EGHz is expected around March, a source familiar with Intel's plans said."

Now, did everyone catch all the technolingo? Pop-quiz on each new chip in five minutes! ;^)

Topic(s):   Legal Technology
Posted by Jeff Beard