January 12, 2004

Web Browser Usage Statistics

I previously posted a link to OneStat.com for those interested in seeing how web browser usage is categorized between the various browsers (IE, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, etc.).

Well, here's a better one: W3Schools Browser Statistics provides even more useful feedback, particularly to those who are involved in web site development and marketing. Browser usage is broken down by make and model as well as a number of time points to aid trend analysis. It also lists a similar breakdown of end-user display stats (screen resolution and color depth), operating system versions, and JavaScript versions and state (on and off). A note at the end of these statistics states the source of the information was TheCounter.com.

So if you're designing or updating a web site or blog, or having someone else do it for you, the above is useful to know in terms of seeing the big picture of web browser and end user environment demographics. For browser usage, I noticed the W3Schools.com stats don't vary all that much from OneStat.com's figures.

Topic(s):   Web Wizardry
Posted by Jeff Beard