September 23, 2003

LawTech Guru Available via My Detod's Front Page

I'm pleased to announce that the LawTech Guru Blog is now available on the default or front page of My Detod's blawg and news aggregator -- no customization required.

Chad Williamson, its founder, has provided a great resource to the legal and larger online community, and is planning to add even more news feeds soon. Even though I use various Windows-based news aggregator programs, I still find My Detod's visual layout convenient for quickly scanning multiple news and blawg sites when I just have a few minutes to spare. The associated Blawg Search is particularly handy when looking for prior posts in the blawgosphere. Combined, it's a juggernaut that keeps getting better -- highly recommended.

The LawTech Guru Blog is also available from many online sources, including The Daily Whirl, Bloglines, and Feedster, just to name a few, via any program or source capable of using an RSS news feed, and naturally from My goal is to enable you to read LawTech Guru in the manner that's most convenient for you.

Topic(s):   Blogging Tips
Posted by Jeff Beard