May 12, 2008

Norton SystemWorks "Deranges" Your Hard Drive?

Well, many of us in legal tech circles have suspected for years that Norton SystemWorks often caused more PC problems than it cured. Imagine my surprise to see it "confirmed" on a Symantec renewal web page while checking out the price to renew my Norton Internet Security suite subscription (of which I recommend the 2007 version and newer as it's been noticeably improved):

I think they were going for "defragments", but yet another reason to have a second, perhaps more technically inclined person double-check your sales content.

Just for fun, here's the definition for "derange" from, which pretty much sums it up, especially #3 if you need to go through outsourced tech support these days:

(Please note this post is intended purely for entertainment purposes only, à la Jay Leno due to the obvious typo.)

Topic(s):   Legal Technology
Posted by Jeff Beard