February 05, 2007

"Palm OS" is No More...

...now that Access (the real owner of Palm OS for some time) has renamed the Palm OS to "Garnet OS" -- thus removing Palm altogether from its name. Engadget has the details and writes, "Treo users die a little more inside."

Palm pretty much started out as a one-product company. With the impending retirement of the LifeDrive, and Symbol Technologies dropping the Palm OS (excuse me, "Garnet OS") from its line, Palm looks like it's headed back to its roots with the Treo being the only compelling product left.

While there's riches in niches, Palm is going to have increasing competition in that space, with the Q phone and Blackjack already making inroads and the Apple iPhone poised to be the latest threat, not to mention being some serious eye candy.

Topic(s):   Mobile Tech & Gadgets
Posted by Jeff Beard