September 12, 2005

Gadget Roundup

For some reason, during this past week a number of interesting gadgets got my attention. Highlights for those who need a gadget fix (you know who you are):

  • iPod Nano -- Apple makes a splash with flash memory

  • Bye-bye iPod Mini, Hello uber-thin Nano -- but will it fit all the regular iPod accessories on which we've spent so much?

  • Motorola ROKR phone -- The vaporware iPod phone finally decloaks

  • It even claims pretty decent battery life -- because, well, you'll need it if you want to talk more than 15 minutes after you've been cranking your tunes.

    Me? I'd rather invest in a slim Nano and keep it separate from my phone, especially as it looks to be more robust than the ROKR. Otherwise, what happens when you want to upgrade your cell phone -- lose the iPod? There will also be occasions when I'd want to mount my iPod into a car holder or portable speaker dock, and keep my cell phone free for calls. Thus I see ROKR succeeding more as a supplement to an existing iTunes account and iPod owner than as a primary player.

  • Aleratec USB Copy Cruiser Plus -- The ultimate portable USB host?

  • From the site: "The USB Copy Cruiser Plus copies digital pictures, MP3 files and other data between USB drives without a computer. With the USB Copy Cruiser Plus you can quickly transfer data between USB drives and Flash Memory cards where ever you are. The easy to use control buttons and LCD display allow you to choose specific files, folders or all files and folders to copy."

    Sounds like an interesting solution for digital photo transfers directly from your digicam. Of course, an iPod Photo does this in style. But it does solve that "How can I get this file from my thumb drive to yours" problem without having a laptop booted up.

  • Charge 2 Go -- Emergency Cell Phone Charger

  • We've seen emergency chargers before, but this one claims to charge your phone from a single AA battery. It's tiny, cheap at $25 (including shipping) and you can always find a AA battery. This one I'm checking out.

  • Batman PC Case

  • Okay, this isn't so much a gadget as it is a cry for escapism (or help). But if you thought Batman's utility belt was cool, then you'd probably like this case for your PC. Hey, at least it's original. The PC Begins?
    (More info at Bios Magazine)

  • Übergizmo -- A Gadget Blog

  • Worthy of the place alongside Gizmodo, Engadget, and Lifehacker in my RSS reader.

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Posted by Jeff Beard