June 03, 2005

Beware Electronic Horses Bearing Trojans

Industrial espionage is alive and well in Israel, according to the Jerusalem Report. Major companies were implicated, both on the spying and victim sides of the fence. Among the methods used by the spying private investigators was a Trojan horse. "The private investigators, police suspect, would send the virus hidden inside a promotional CD to various companies, which unknowingly uploaded the Trojan horse onto their computer system. The private investigators would also send emails to the various companies with the virus as an attachment, police said."

So be careful what you click on in your e-mails, particularly attachments. If you weren't expecting it, don't open it. Just delete it.

Overall, a very disturbing chapter at the intersection of business ethics and business intelligence (the latter ultimately an oxymoron in this case).

Topic(s):   Privacy & Security
Posted by Jeff Beard