May 23, 2005

Using eBay to Locate Stolen Goods

Who says you can't take a bite out of crime online? How about this for a cool electronic discovery, thanks to some clever thinking:

"Burgled mum finds stolen iPod on eBay"

At least she had a personally-identifiable iPod. It's getting so bad regarding iPod theft that one might consider a Kensington MicroSaver-type cable for it. ;^) Just in case anyone still thinks those cables are effective, check out this video (link courtesy of Gizmodo) which shows how to pick the lock in seconds flat with a cardboard toilet paper tube. Yep, that's what I want protecting my laptop. Right up there with the Kryptonite Evolution 2000 U-Lock, pickable with a ballpoint pen.

Where there's a will and cheap household items for the use...

Topic(s):   Privacy & Security
Posted by Jeff Beard

Nerino, nice to hear from you, and congrats on the new blog. One of my all-time faves in this category was the Audio CD DRM which was easily defeated with a cheap felt tip pen.

Many security solutions are fleeting at best. It usually only takes "3 T's" to overcome them: Time, Tools, and Talent.

Posted by: Jeff Beard at May 25, 2005 05:09 PM

Ah, the wonders of modern technology. Besides being entertaining to watch, it also shows that there is always someone smarter out there. It also makes you wonder what other security item you rely on which can be circumvented with the simplest of tools.

Posted by: Nerino Petro at May 23, 2005 09:32 PM