February 11, 2005

Most Common Mistakes by New Legal Bloggers

There's lotsa blogging about blawging going on around here:

If you're new to blogging or are considering blogging, Dennis Kennedy's recent post is required reading. Dennis is one of the few people I know who breaks down a complex socio-technological issue like blogging into easily understood advice.

Likewise, Kevin O'Keefe came across 10 tips for better blogging. Kevin and legal marketing guru Larry Bodine are also offering a blogging webinar on Feb. 17th.

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Posted by Jeff Beard

My biggest mistake was not realizing how important it is to design all your blogs the same so they can be integrated into one blog. Pick a design and use it for all your domains. Create multiple blogs for each vertical content area. Tie them together. Get ready for traffic and clients.

Posted by: Domain Name Attorney at February 20, 2005 11:03 AM