October 26, 2004

Men are from MSN, Women are from Google?

I thought this was interesting today: It seems an MSN poll regarding search engine use reveals gender differences.

To sum up the article's main points while cleansing it of any gender bias tone:

  1. Men tend to consult search engines more often than family for advice, while women opt for more traditional advice options.

  2. However, women were found to be far more likely than men to rely on the Internet as a first port of call for health concerns.

  3. Men have a higher incidence of searching for their own name online, as well as searching for ex-partners to see what they've been up to.

  4. A typical male search query uses just two words, compared with three for women.

  5. Women are more patient about investigating different potential routes, and typically look through six or seven search results.

  6. Men typically only refer to two or three results before refining their search or moving on to a new search altogether.

  7. Men devote an average of just three minutes to each of the 42 searches they conduct each week, compared to the five minutes women spend on 30 searches a week.

In poking a little fun at myself: Do we finally have proof that men actually stop and ask for directions on the information superhighway? ;^)

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Posted by Jeff Beard