October 22, 2004

New Blawg Looks Promising: Feedmelegal

There are so many new blogs springing up that I rarely, if ever, mention them. While acknowledging some are quite good, it seems that an increasing number seem to be in it just for the quick hits, asking for links, some fizzle out, and some just don't post compelling enough content for me.

So when I see good content on a topic that interests me, it's worth mentioning:

If you like reading Kevin O'Keefe's Real Lawyers Have Blogs (he's also the founder of LexBlog), then you'll probably like Feedmelegal. It's a brand new blawg dedicated to "webfeeds, weblogs and the legal profession".

In its short time online, Feedmelegal has already posted about "Weblogs for newly qualified lawyers?", "Weblogs: A primer for lawyers", and "The significance of webfeeds for lawyers".

He's even broached the subject of which international law firm will deploy weblogs/webfeeds first? and blogs in corporate legal departments.

Which again raises the question, why haven't more law firms embraced blogging, which is something that has bothered me for nearly two years. Besides the obvious knowledge sharing through an easy publishing system, we bloggers enjoy many benefits from blogging that most law firm marketing officers and partners would kill for: Heavy site traffic, numerous inbound site links, very high search results rankings, name recognition, and perhaps most importantly, being included in interesting and visible professional opportunities due our willingness to share and contribute. Thus I'm left wondering whether it's the time, money, legal issues, and/or just plain inertia that are holding most firms back from client-facing blogs. Granted, it's definitely not for everyone, but I've got to believe that every large firm has at least several dynamic individuals who are well spoken and have a passion for writing and sharing information.

Thus far Feedmelegal has been a micro-aggregator of legal blogging facets (as have Real Lawyers Have Blogs, NetLawBlog, and others -- apologies if I haven't mentioned you specifically). In any event, while the masked blogger behind Feedmelegal hasn't yet revealed him/herself (even the domain name was registered by proxy to protect his/her privacy), it's off to a strong start. Here's hoping for more of the same.

Topic(s):   Blogging Tips
Posted by Jeff Beard