August 17, 2004

When People Ask Me Why I Left the Practice of Law...

...I just point them to things like this, the judge's order, and especially this.

Regarding the order, it sounds like all involved need to go on sabbatical with a good dose of self-examination, including the federal judge. On a related note, I'm with Ernie regarding his Worthwhile post. Money isn't enough and life is just too short if you aren't happy in what you're doing. In my case, I didn't have to leap all that far, since I'm still heavily involved in the legal profession -- just from a different angle. Almost ten years ago (my, how time flies), I chose to blend my long-standing computer hobby with my professional career, and am much, much happier and I count myself more successful (I'm not talking about money here, either). Funny thing, as I keep running into more and more tech-savvy lawyers who are doing the same.

My choice taught me that the right kind of passion makes all the difference.

[8.20.04: An update on the above federal case is on the ABA Journal eReport site. The money quote, by the plaintiffs' lead counsel: "It’s important to remember to try your case and not the judge’s patience."]

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Posted by Jeff Beard