June 28, 2004

Unveiling "Trick or Treat"

Since I first came up with the concept for this site, I've been wanting to have a regular recurring feature for LawTech Guru. As it's dedicated to providing legal technology information, a regular tips column just seemed like a natural fit. From my speaking engagements and working with diverse legal professionals, it's readily apparent that even the smallest feature discovery can have a magical impact. Sometimes it's the simple elegance of finding a long sought-after feature or function, or that one tip that eliminates an irksome annoyance.

In this spirit, each week I'll post one or more handy tips or tricks that will hopefully make someone's tech life a little easier, efficient, and/or productive. (Hey, isn't that what technology was supposed to do for us anyway?) They'll range from software tips, undocumented tricks, and key web self-help tech resources, to fun, interesting, and savvy things you may not have known you could do with your system.

While I'll be kicking off the inaugural Trick or Treat, I heartily welcome suggestions and submissions. Along those lines, I'm encouraging my fellow colleagues and guest tipsters to open their bag of tricks and share with us. The best ones will get published here with full attribution, and in return they'll get their well-deserved 15+ minutes of fame (this site gets a lot traffic and is therefore Google friendly). Please feel free to e-mail me with your suggestions, as it's always fun to Trick or Treat.

As for the title inspiration, well, the muses arrived after my recent move to Morton, IL, just east of Peoria. You see, while Morton is a nice, quiet, upstanding community, it's also the self-proclaimed Pumpkin Capital of the World (go figure). There are pumpkin signs throughout town, as they have their annual "Punkin' Chunkin'" festival every year -- where folks come from all over to shoot real pumpkins from monstrous home-made crane-like cannons (I once saw this on the Discovery Channel, and it's truly a sight to see).

Apparently the world record is just under a mile for distance, and they can achieve a velocity around 600 mph -- now that's some serious pumpkin chucking. The pumpkins made me think of Halloween, and the rest of the idea just fell into place. The techies reading this should appreciate the "Aludium Q-36 Pumpkin Modulator" (check out the photos, seriously). The cannon's name was inspired by Marvin the Martian's ray gun, the Aludium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator, and the cannon looks pretty cool. (Like I keep saying, this is no ordinary tech blog -- life has a way of being stranger than fiction.) Stay tuned for the treats, which will be posted here and also archived under the Trick or Treat category. I may be a little early for Halloween, but I know we'll scare up some good ideas.

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Posted by Jeff Beard