April 12, 2004

Finding Related Blogs of Interest

If you're looking for blogs that match your interests and/or blogs that cover similar topics between them, then check out BlogMatcher.

The interface is basically a Google knockoff, which makes it drop-dead easy to use. Simply enter the URL of a weblog (called the "Reference Blog") that interests you, and it finds other blogs that appear to discuss similar topics. In a way, it's a little like LinkedIn for bloggers. While Technorati examines which blogs link directly to each other, BlogMatcher examines who's communally linking to the same things.

From BlogMatcher:

"It's all really simple. The basic premise of BlogMatcher is that two blogs that link to the same sites share some sort of topical commonality. If you link to an article in your blog, then the chances are, you'll be interested in reading other people's opinions about the same article."

"How does the scoring work?

Here's the basics:
1. Deep links score higher
2. Common links (links you share with many sites) score lower
3. Uncommon links score higher

Scores are generated dynamically for each search. Scores for the same link will differ depending on the reference blog and even when you do the search."

Topic(s):   Blogging Tips
Posted by Jeff Beard