February 27, 2004

Getting More Out of RSS Feeds

Whether you're new to RSS feeds (RSS = Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary), or have been using them for awhile, there is a huge universe of information out there. Whether you're an RSS consumer or active content producer, there are many useful tools of which you're probably unaware.

On the consuming end, both AbbeNormal and Weblogs Compendium have compiled large lists of news aggregators. These include online web services and a host of programs listed for Windows, Linux, PDAs (including iPods), Mac, and even Tivo platforms. The AbbeNormal list even includes many feed converters (e.g., eBay-to-RSS, RSS-to-E-mail, etc.).

For RSS publishing (e.g., we bloggers), Robin Good has published an extensive list of Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites. While entitled the "RSSTop55", it currently lists over 60 sites for aspiring syndicators to use. Just as one traditionally submits a new web site or blog to the popular search engines, these are generally sites at which you submit your RSS news feeds in the hopes of expanding your reach.

Now if you really want to dive deep into the potential and "next gen" use for RSS feeds, then I recommend "The Birth Of The NewsMaster: The Network Starts To Organize Itself", which discusses how RSS can be utilized to create a NewsMaster, a function of being able to find and aggregate desired information and manage it more completely. Put in his words, it is "the ability to concert, orchestrate, edit, and refine quality search formulas that tap into the whole RSS universe and beyond, and that filter out relevant content based on selected keywords, sources, type of content, ranking and many other possible criteria."

Now I'd say that's something of value in this infoglut world we've created.

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Posted by Jeff Beard

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