December 22, 2003

PalmSource Legal Expert Guide for Palm OS Devices

PalmSource has done a smart thing. They've gotten their users to prepare "expert guides" to show people that there's a lot more use you can get out of your Palm-powered PDA. Naturally, there's a Legal Expert Guide as well, written by an attorney, Susan E. Wilson.

It starts with the author's personal experience with PDAs, acknowledges that there's no particular PDA "legal killer app", and goes on to list quite a number of Palm programs that lawyers would find useful. It includes many that I've advocated for years, such as date book replacements, outliners, office suites, case managers, remote time entry, eBook readers, web browsers, and more. Lastly, it includes a list of legal eBooks, a number of which cover California code and various Federal Rules.

Seeing many legal PDA resources listed in one place makes me miss the days when was active. tried to be such a portal for a while, but I haven't seen fresh articles in a long, long time. So if you happen to get a new Palm-based PDA for the holidays, or just want more out of your device, here's another resource worth checking out to see what you can really do with it in your practice.

I also recommend following the links from the Expert Guides page for the various "What's your Task?" categories. These are some of the most extensive collections of Palm calendaring, web browser, messaging, word processor, time tracking, and dictionary/thesaurus apps that I've seen in quite some time, short of a visit to

One caution from yours truly: Some of the programs listed may only run on the PDA, and not have a Windows counterpart. It's not been often, but I've had Palm-only databases slowly corrupt on me and the Palm and BackupBuddy backups weren't any good either due to the slow corruption. If you're going to put client- and case-related information on your PDA, I highly recommend purchasing a program that runs on your PC and/or server as well and synchronizes the data. That way you have a better chance of being able to access the data in multiple places and have more backups in case something goes awry.

Topic(s):   Mobile Tech & Gadgets
Posted by Jeff Beard