October 06, 2003

New Features Afoot at Detod.com

Detod.com, home of the My Detod customizable blawg aggregator and Blawg Search, appears determined to be the portal for blawgers. Chad Williamson, its founder, has added more AP news feeds, which are now organized into 4 main categories: "Top News", "Legal News", "Business News", and "Technology News".

Detod also features a Yahoo-esque Legal and Internet directories, which appears to be based on the Open Directory Project, which I've found to be an incredibly useful Internet directory.

Although, perhaps what I like best about the new AP feeds is that after you click to read a news story, there's a sidebar that ties it in with its Blawg Search service. Several of the story's keywords are listed, and clicking on any one link will immediately search its repository of blawg posts so you can see who's already blogged about those terms -- without first having to type in a search or navigate to the Blawg Search page. A nice touch with the integration, Chad, and a good value add over RSS readers that only let you search within your customized list of feeds. While the preselected search terms are fairly basic now, I'd like to see it evolve into something that's more dynamic over time.

There's potential here. I'm thinking of a "neural net" between news stories and associated commentary found in blogs and web sites featuring RSS feeds. Couple that with the "Trackback" feature found in more advanced blogging software, and think of the possibilities. Talk about Knowledge Management.

Topic(s):   Blogging Tips
Posted by Jeff Beard